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Colourful Cuba in black and white

I am about to leave for Kenya. Sitting here at the airport, wishing I had posted pictures from my trip to Cuba a little earlier. I hate rushing posts.

It was my second time in Cuba. The first time was one of the last trips I took with my father. That story is for another day, but needless to say, this trip was a bit of an emotional one fore me.

I just looked at the time. My flight leaves for Amsterdam in forty five minutes. Can I pull this off? Can I post some decent pictures of my trip before I have to board? Concentrate Brent.

This post will be the first of two. I am dedicating this post to my captures that needed to be in black and white. Cuba is extremely colourful. The people. The music. The LOCAL food (not the cuisine at most of the hotels). Why black and white? Because this country brings you back. If you can drown out the noise of the travellers. Maybe walk through a street where you’re the only tourist. You can actually go back in time.

Twenty minutes

I hope you enjoy.