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Bianca and Christian’s Winter Wedding in Montreal, Quebec

I’ve been reluctant to post another winter wedding because it seems like people are really over the winter season here in Montreal. They’ve had enough of the cold and the slush and the below zero temperatures and can’t wait for the spring to arrive. I don’t blame them, but I was worried another winter wedding post might just create more negative emotions.

When I posted Kelley and Banjamin’s winter wedding at auberge du lac taureau a little while back people were still feeling good about the cold. Let me rephrase…people were feeling okay about the cold. We were dealing with it, you know? And let’s admit it – deep down inside every Canadian is a sense of pride in knowing we can survive these crazy winters. There is a part of us that loves to cozy up inside during a winter storm. To hit up a warm and hearty bring-your-own-wine restaurant and warm yourself from the inside out. (For my international followers: There are restaurants here in Montreal where you get to just bring your own wine. No fuss, no corking fee…just a bottle and a smile. I know. Why do you think I’ve been here for so long?!)

I digress as usual. This post isn’t about the winter or the wine – it’s about the wedding.


In the middle of this brutal winter, we did have a few days of reprieve. Luckily, with Christian and Bianca’s wedding fell on one of those days. (Let’s not kid ourselves, though, even it was freezing I still would have forced the whole wedding party to go outside.)

I will say one thing, and we can fight about it if you like: People from Alberta and Saskatchewan are simply a lot tougher in cold weather. And to all of my wonderful followers from Quebec? I still love you guys…. you just complain more 😉 A lot more 😉 That’s not saying I’m any tougher. I’m the biggest baby when it comes to my precious fingers freezing.

I was really excited for this wedding because Bianca and Christian are absolutely and undeniably adorable in literally every single way. They’re the couple that just seems so perfect it makes you a little suspicious, but they also show me what love really is. (Oh my god  – that was cheesy. You see the power they have? What’s happening to me?!)

I was also excited because I was going to get to work with some of my favourite vendors in the city. Some of us started our footprint in the Quebec wedding industry around the same time. I have a huge amount of respect for the work they do and as always, the links to their kick-ass companies are at the bottom of this post.

Hotel William Grey

We started the day at Hotel William Grey with a few getting ready and first look shots. This hotel has one of the most beautiful lobby areas in the entire city, absolutely perfect for weddings because you never know what the weather will do! Worst case scenario, someone could do all the portraits in the main areas of the building. We got lucky, but I still used almost every inch of that lobby taking portraits. We were going to do the first look outside but Christian suggested we just do it in the hotel room. This suggestion turned out to be a stroke of genius –  despite the fact that Christian was almost 45 minutes late! Bianca remained mostly calm because, apparently, that’s just how he operates. Why was the choice of the hotel room so good? Well, it ended up being one of the most intimate first looks I’ve ever witnessed. Even with the whole wedding party watching in that room, it gave a sense of comfort. The emotions were intense.

I could write about this couple for days, but I have a feeling you just want to get to the goods. Here’s Bianca and Christian.


Bride hangs dress while bridesmaid helps
bride's shoes are in focus in the background while bridesmaid gets makeup done
a closeup of a card from the groom with the words
Bride kissing card from the groom
Groom reading card from bride in his suit with bowtie
Groomsmen laughing with a suit and bowtie
groomsmen drinking beer in hotel room
Groomsmen in hotel william grey after getting ready
Groomsmen sitting on stairs posing
bride waiting for makeup with dress hanging in the background
Bride smelling her bouquet for the first time
Bride laughing hard iwth her maid of hounour
makeup artist with gold curly hair working with her tools
Bridesmaids jump on bed in hotel william grey
close up of bouquet by fleuriste astilbe
Maid of honour feeds bride carefully
The groom has hands up covering face as he reacts to seeing bride in her dress for the first time
Bride smiles at groom after first look in a hotel room with family in background
Bride and groom embrace on steps with hanging lights in background in the lobby of Hotel William Grey
Bride and Groom walk down stairs in the lobby of the william grey hotel with beautiful architecture
bride with her bridesmaids and their bouquets by Fleuriste astilbe pose in William Grey Hotel lobby
A bride and groom walk on ice outside of the william grey hotel in old montreal
A bride and groom embrace outside of the william grey hotel
Couple kissing in the middle of a street in Montreal at dusk
bride getting out of a tesla with brick industrial factory in the background Parisian Laundry Espace 3550
Hanging Seating Charts in a loft for a wedding by White Willow Paper Co
Table details at a wedding in St Henri Montreal at Parisian Luandry
Florals at a table at an industrial wedding at Parisian Luandry by espace 3550
A floral by fleuriste astilbe at a wedding reception
Wedding details and florals at the head table in Espace 3550 by Hera Mariages
Industrial Wedding With florals on rows of tables with a wooden pillar and sqaured framed glass
Bride and Groom Cheers at head table
A wedding guest looking across a candle lit table
bride and groom talking at head table of wedding
Bride and Groom dancing with red light and florals hanging above
Wedding Couple at head table dancing and clapping hands
bride and groom kissing at head table during a wedding reception
Cake by Gateu Bourgeoys Bokeh String Bulb Lights in background
A guest with curly hair in a red dress looks down candidly while dancing
Guest smiling while people dance around her with hands up in the air blurred photo with light streaks
Guests dancing at a wedding with their arms up
Bride taking groom's jacket off on the dance floor of wedding
Bride and Groom Kissing during the reception in black and white
Picture at night of Parisian Luandry Wedding in St Henri Factory Windows from outside

The team:


Wedding Planning: Hera Mariages // instagram: @heramariages

Florals: Astilbe // instagram:  @fleuriste.astilbe

Makeup: Tanya Coderre // instagram: @tanyacoderre

Hair: Shawn Mac Donald  // instagram: @scisorhnds

DJ: Manny Ocean

Venue: Espace 3550 // instagram: @espace3550

Desserts and that badass cake: Gâteaux Bourgeoys // instagram: @gateauxbourgeoys

Rentals: Sofa to Go // instagram: @sofatogo

Stationary: White Willow Paper Co.  // instagram: @whitewillowpaperco

Food: Olive Orange // @oliveorange_mtl




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