Montreal is my city. The world I explore.

As an opera singer, there was always something more I wanted to express.  I have to say…I couldn’t draw for the life of me.  My poetry was terrible.  My sculpting was even more horrific.  But…I always loved taking pictures, so I started to take more and more shots.  I guess people saw something in the pictures I shared online.  Before I knew it I was being hired for events, headshots and weddings.

I hope my photos allow you to forget everything around you for even a split second.  I hope they help tell a story from the moments in time when they were taken. Stories that you conjure up in your imagination.  That’s what makes photos so special. Better than any video.  The photographer shares his or her perspective, and the rest of the story is up to the viewer to create.

My work is dedicated to my father who passed away from cancer in 2008.  Please contact me if ever you need a photographer for any charitable events.  If I am available, I will volunteer my services for your cause.

Thanks so much to Tim Chin for these incredible shots. Taken on the wonderful camera of Sebastien d’Amour


Brent Calis

Brent Calis Montreal Canadian Wedding Photographer Traveler Travel Photographer



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