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Chasing the Sunrise

2016. Yikes. I started the year by flying to Costa Rica and Nicaragua on January 1. My goal was to go away and think about life, work and my future. I didn’t really do any of that. Between all the beaching, adventuring and partying I really didn’t have time to think. I would go days without looking at my phone. I had real conversations under stars, next to volcanoes…on surfboards at sunset waiting for some good waves (I am a total beginner, so even when the good waves did come I usually got up a for a few seconds before crashing hard). I still took some pictures. Not a lot. But enough. I posted some of these pictures on social media. After a final trip to Thailand in February, I was back in North America getting ready for an epic wedding season.

I also had an incredible job with Scarlett Street Agency to join them on a tour around Canada with Far and Wide on Much. These gigs were all intermingled with my weddings. It wasn’t always easy, but the experiences I now have are totally worth it.

My most memorable moment was a morning in Banff. I had to get to Calgary airport for a flight to Victoria for a wedding. My good friend Emilie Iggiotti was taking over for the last two days of shooting for the Calgary/Banff/Edmonton episode. xshaydx, and I had made plans to get up before sunrise to adventure in Adrew Knapp’s epic yellow van before I had to catch my shuttle to the airport. Andrew was also supposed to come along, but he had to think about preserving energy for the filming that day. He and Momo were tired from 2 days of shooting.

Shaydyn and I started off at Lake Minnewanka to get some stars before dusk. When you’re trying to catch the right scene with the perfect lighting at sunrise, time goes by super fast. Every moment is a different lighting scenario. We were searching for something epic. We decided to drive towards Two Jack Lake. When we turned the corner and set eyes on the fog rolling off the water we screamed like little kids. We found it. We lived it. We had about twenty minutes to best capture what we were feeling. Of course a photograph will never fully represent the jaw dropping beauty of the sunrise we experienced, but it sure does help me remember.

Happy New Year to everybody who is in my life. The people I met during my travels. The friends who will always be there for me with a couch. A bed. The random weird guy I met at a party, and the other creative people I met who inspired me in 2016. Let’s see what 2017 will bring.


Photos Copyright @Scarlett Street Creative Agency for Far and Wide on Much and Bell Media.



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