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Seclusion near San Juan, Nicaragua

January 1, 2016, I left Montreal for Costa Rica, then immediately to Nicaragua. After a week and a half in Granada and on the island of Ometepe, I made my way to San Juan for Sunday Funday with a bunch of people. That’s not the part of the trip I remember the most. Instead, it’s the two days of seclusion with two different sets of friends I made in Seclusion near San Juan. I’m not even going to give the name of the beach…message me personally with why you deserve to know, and maybe…just maybe I’ll tell you.

I’ll just say this. It’s actually not that hard to get to. You can rent a vehicle or take a shuttle from San Juan to one of the main beaches for surf. From there you hike over a few hills to get to this spot, 15-20 minutes barefoot. You have to make sure to leave when the tide is still down or else you could get stuck…but hey..that could be fun! Enjoy 🙂 The last picture is back in San Juan.

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