Nicaragua, Granada and Ometepe

I will be posting more of my travels to show people where I get inspired. Montreal gets cold in January, I have to leave. These photos are from my trip to Nicaragua this past January. My next post will feature images from an epic two days of surfing near San Juan. Ps. If anybody brags about their surfing and they go once or twice a year they’re full of shit. It’s hard. You need to live there. Go day in day out. I’m awful.

I always try to balance my life with hard work and time to just relax. See places. Do things that make me feel uncomfortable. My travels are where I experiment with simplicity in my shooting. I usually take one camera body and two lenses. The last two trips I had a fixed 50mm Sigma art and the Canon EF 16-35mm II…the 16-35 mm was basically falling apart after 8 years of abuse…it has many flaws to begin with..but those flaws are why it takes incredible photos of scenery. This trip reminded me to take it out more at weddings. It’s a fantastic lens for those candid moments where you want to include a lot of information in the photo. Not just the subject..but the background…the sky. Random occurrences you don’t even notice while taking the picture.

In our search for the perfect cameras and the perfect lenses, we tend to forget the importance of imperfection. That’s why vintage things rock. That’s why that photo with your hair just a little out of place has more character than the one where it is pristine. I’ll stop rambling…